Craig is located on a small island off the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, and is connected by a short causeway. It is 5 miles south of Klawock, by road. It lies 56 miles northwest of Ketchikan, 750 air miles north of Seattle.
The Tlingit and Haida peoples have historically utilized the area around Craig for its rich resources. A fish saltery was built on nearby Fish Egg Island in 1907 by Craig Miller. Between 1908 and 1911, he constructed the Lyndenburger Packing Company and cold storage plant at the present site of Craig. In 1912, a post office, a school, a sawmill, and a salmon cannery were constructed. Excellent salmon runs contributed to the development and growth of the community through the late 1930s. In the 1950’s the Salmon runs dwindled and that is when Logging Prince of Wales Island became the main commerce. Today Craig is home to Viking Lumber as well as welcoming the commercial and Sport Fishing fleet during the summer months!