Multiple species fishing every day!


Fishing in and around Prince of Wales Island is truly amazing and one of the only areas where we catch multiple species of fish every day in Alaska! We do not have to travel long distances to access the Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Yellow Eye “Snapper” and Black bass each day. No need to run way off shore for our Halibut and other bottom fish when they live right here in our back yard! The islands in and around Prince of Wales offer fantastic fishing while providing the most scenic places to fish in Alaska! If you like calm waters with epic fishing this is your destination. We have access to the rich, abundant ocean waters in shore around our islands and can run offshore on the nice calm days. We have it all when it comes to seeking the Alaskan fishing adventure of a lifetime!


King Salmon “Chinook Salmon”


Mid May – August King Salmon
Average size 12-30 Pounds
Trophy 40-50 Pounds
The King Salmon is first to show in our waters starting the first week in May just after the herring spawn has taken place in and around Prince of Wales Island. We start our Charters the last week in May to ensure solid fishing for our guests! The King Salmon run through July and into August migrating to all destinations down the west Coast. We see King Salmon that are headed to Canadian waters like the Fraser River, Washington and Oregon’s Rivers as well as the rivers here in South East Alaska. That is what makes fishing Prince of Wales Island so amazing for King Salmon fishing. We are right in the path of the largest Salmon migration in the world and our waters are so rich with bait which entices the beautiful fish to stay in our waters and feed during their migration.
Craig Alaska Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon “Silver Salmon”


July – Mid September Coho Salmon
Average size 7-15 Pounds
The Coho Salmon start to show in late June and early July in the waters around Prince of Wales Island. We have several local rivers around Prince of Wales Island that support one of the largest returns of Coho Salmon in Alaska! Here on Prince of Wales Island we are so fortunate to be able to benefit by having access to the massive migration of Coho Salmon that is headed down the west coast! Coho fishing is amazing all through July and lasts well into September. Using the Mooching technique for these acrobatic fish is so fun with multiple hook ups and experiencing fast fishing! It brings smiles to everyone’s faces!
Over the course of the fishing season we also catch Sockeye Salmon “Reds”, Chum Salmon and Pink Salmon “Humpies” which are always fun and provide extra action for everyone to enjoy while fishing. Fishing on Prince of Wales Island is a great experience with so much wildlife around it really is true Alaska and we absolutely feel honored to share this amazing place with our guests!
Craig Alaska Halibut

Halibut “Barn Door”

Halibut and other bottom fish are caught during all dates.
Average keeper size 25-40 Pounds
Trophy 200+ pounds
Our Halibut fishing starts in May and runs into the fall season. Fishing in and around Prince of Wales Island for these barn doors is amazing. Our waters are plentiful with these amazing fish! We do not have to run way off shore to access our halibut. On occasion while fishing for King Salmon you might catch your halibut on your salmon rod which is always a fun experience! When targeting our halibut, we will fish in an average depth of 60 feet to 350 feet. We also provide the best G-Loomis Rods and Avet two speed reels which makes it very fun and easy to catch your halibut!
Craig Alaska Ling Cod

Ling Cod, Yellow Eye “Snapper”; Black Bass


“We fish for all species everyday here on Prince of Wales Island. Using different techniques and the lightest highest quality tackle available for your full Alaskan fishing experience!”