The Best All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge in Craig Alaska

Screamin’ Reels Lodge, is situated near the town of Craig Alaska, on the west side of picturesque Prince of Wales Island and is one of the most scenic places to fish in all of South East Alaska!

Screamin’ Reels Guide Lodge maintains it’s own private dock, providing world class fishing trips in the pristine SE Alaskan waters for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Halibut and various bottom fish.

The waters surrounding Craig, Alaska provides anglers vast, wide-open ocean fishing as well as fishing in the calm protected waters around the breathtaking mountainous islands. The experience makes for a truly spectacular Alaskan fishing vacation and whale watching experience!

Screamin’ Reels Lodge is located in the heart of the largest Salmon migration on the west coast and is known for trophy sized King Salmon. Come experience a true Alaska Fishing Lodge with luxury accommodations, the best boats and a wonderful staff that is excited to host you!

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Book Now 206-293-5171

Best Alaska Fishing Lodge In Craig Alaska

Screamin’ Reels Lodge is in Southeast Alaska on the West side of Prince of Wales Island near the small fishing town of Craig, Alaska. Our Alaska fishing lodge is in the heart of the largest King and Silver Salmon migration on the West Coast! We offer fishing in the vast open ocean as well as fishing in the protected calm waters within just minutes from our private dock. Craig, Alaska holds the reputation for World Class Trophy King Salmon and epic Silver Salmon fishing as well as its excellent Halibut fishing. Our Alaska fishing Lodge offers a fantastic Alaska fishing experience due to being in and around the most scenic islands, large abundance of wildlife and luxury accommodations, thus making for the best Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime! Come experience our Alaska fishing lodge where you can relax as our friendly staff takes excellent care of you and allows you to unwind and enjoy the ultimate Alaska fishing vacation!



Service and Attention to Detail

At Screamin’ Reels Lodge we promise to work extremely hard to ensure you have an excellent Alaska fishing vacation!

From the time we pick you up at the airport, to when we see you off, we will do our very best to give you the service you expect and appreciate so you come again and again!

We know your time is valuable and we strive to give you the very best Alaska fishing vacation!

Book Now 206-293-5171
Book Now 206-293-5171