Alaska Halibut Fishing

While on your Alaska Fishing Trip with Screamin’ Reels Lodge you will experience world-class King and Silver Salmon fishing and epic Alaska Halibut Fishing! The Alaska Halibut Fishing in the calm waters throughout our local islands is fantastic. In addition to our inside waters, we have three main access points to the wide-open Pacific Ocean waters. Enjoy Alaska Halibut Fishing in uncrowded waters in and around the vast Tongass National Forested Islands of Craig, Alaska.

Fishing on Prince of Wales Island is one of the best places to fish in Alaska and is not overcrowded, nor over-commercialized like the Homer spit located on the busy Kenai Peninsula! Southeast Alaska Fishing is much more enjoyable out of Craig, Alaska and offers anglers an authentic Alaska Fishing Trip with so many fishing options and species to target. Fishing here is truly the Alaska Fishing Trip of a Lifetime!

The Alaska Halibut Fishing is usually very fast with multiple Halibut hooked up at one time. As soon as your bait hits the bottom, the Alaska Halibut are immediately on the hook! It truly is fast fishing, and as a bonus, we don’t have to fish very deep for our Alaska Halibut with most spots being 200-330 feet. Many Alaska Fishing Lodges around Alaska fish 400-700 feet which proves to be exhausting to most anglers taking the fun out of Alaska Halibut Fishing. Our keeper slot Halibut average 20 to 45 pounds which proves to be the best eating due to the clear meat with little to no grainy folds. The filets are tender and delicious which makes for the best Alaska halibut dinner you will ever eat! While at Screamin’ Reels Lodge you will enjoy one night of Alaska Halibut prepared by our professional chef, it is a delicious treat!

If your dream is to hook that famous Alaska,” BARN DOOR” trophy Halibut of your lifetime you are in the right place! We offer GAF “Guided Angler Fish” tags which allows an angler to catch an additional halibut of any size above the normal daily limit. We are very successful catching the “Barn Doors” and many of our clients that experience catching that trophy Alaska Halibut choose to release the giant fish for conservation to ensure the breeding stock continue to produce thousands of babies ensuring world-class Alaska Halibut Fishing in the future! A fun fact, Alaska Halibut above 60” are female breeders that spawn thousands of eggs ensuring world-class halibut fishing future generations. Once released, clients will then target a fish 59” and below which average 100 pounds. That way they get the experience of catching the halibut of a lifetime and get to take home extra halibut that is great to eat.

The Alaska Halibut Fishing experience is truly awesome with Screamin’ Reels Lodge located in Craig, Alaska!