Fish Processing

Craig Alaska Fishing Lodge

Our team at Screamin’ Reels Lodge takes extreme pride in processing your prized catch to ensure the absolute best freshness and flavor for you to enjoy all year long!

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When you land your prized catch, our deckhands bleed the fish and clean the Salmon immediately. Once cleaned the Salmon are then packed into clean shaved ice right on the boat, thus maximizing quality and freshness! On returning to our private dock, we are happy to take more photos of your fish and you can head up to the lodge to enjoy an appetizer while our Captains and crew fillet, trim and cut the fish into proportionate sizes. Once filleted our packing crew immediately takes the fish and places the fish in quality labeled bags and vacuum packs it with our commercial packers to ensure lifelong freshness. From this point the crew put your fish into our commercial walk-in freezer. The fish is frozen solid within minutes to guarantee the best Alaskan fish product. For your trip home, our crew places your fish in airline standard waxed boxes which are then banded and labeled for your safe trip home. Our crew at Screamin’ Reels Lodge takes extreme pride in delivering a quality fish product for you to enjoy all winter long! No one does it better than our team at Screamin’ Reels Lodge!