Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

On your Alaska Fishing Trip with Screamin’ Reels Lodge, you will experience an action-packed Alaska Fishing Trip of a Lifetime! Fishing in and around the Tongass National Forested Islands provides calm water fishing for Silver Salmon in the months of July, August, and early September. The preferred technique used while on your Alaska Fishing Trip with us is called Mooching. We pride ourselves on teaching you the angler the art of mooching. This awesome technique is a hands-on approach, so each angler has a rod in their hands giving them the full Alaska Fishing Experience. The captain and deckhands will tell you to lower your bait to a certain depth then slowly reel the herring back up to the surface. The salmon aggressively bite your herring, so you get to feel the bite, set the hook and fight the Silver Salmon. Once you perfect the art of mooching for Salmon you will be laughing as the boat gets multiple hook-ups at one time making for a fun Alaska Fishing experience. At Screamin’ Reels Lodge our deckhands and captains are very passionate about teaching you how to master this technique and become a better angler so you have the Alaska Fishing Lodge Vacation of your life! Silver Salmon fishing, like our Alaska King Salmon season is World-Class and action packed with great fishing in and around all the beautiful islands of the Tongass National Forest. Whether you choose a Silver Salmon Fishing trip or an Alaska King Salmon fishing trip you have come to the right place in Southeast Alaska. Screamin’ Reels Lodge will take great care of you and provide the best Southeast Alaska Fishing trip of your life!