Alaska Fishing King Salmon

Alaska King Salmon Fishing makes lifelong memories while on your Alaska Fishing Trip. These majestic Craig Alaska King Salmon were caught by our customers and proved to be their fish of a lifetime and were certainly the icing on the cake to their best All-Inclusive Alaska fishing Lodge Vacation. Fishing Alaska King Salmon in the vast wide-open spaces of the Tongass National Forest and its islands offers the opportunity of a lifetime! The pristine waters created by the Tongass temperate rain forest offer anglers the chance to catch that once in a lifetime 40 pound plus Alaska Trophy King Salmon. Each time you release that bail on your reel to send your herring down in the depths in search of that majestic Alaska King Salmon the excitement is real knowing this could be the moment in time you have been waiting for all those years on your Alaska fishing trips. Screamin’ Reels Captains have several opportunities each season tangling with these massive, majestic sea creatures over the course of each season. While on the hunt for these brutes they know where to be, on what tide, and in what area with the best structure to give our customers the best chance at finding the ultimate fish of a lifetime! Over the course of the season, we catch excellent numbers of King Salmon ranging from 15-25 pounds and a handful of those are trophies of a lifetime! The big Alaska King Salmon average 5-8 years old and are truly majestic sea monsters that change angler’s lives!

Conservation for the future of Alaska Fishing King Salmon.

Our Alaska Fishing Lodge captains always encourage releasing those giants, if the fish are still heathy, not bleeding and have good energy after the catch they go back to live another day! By choosing to quickly release those special fish of a lifetime allows the opportunity to make it to their home river system to complete their journey passing on their much-needed genetics for the future of Alaska King Salmon fishing. We always leave it up to the client, but once they have released a giant back to the ocean it changes their perspective on how amazing it was to experience a majestic Alaska king salmon of that size. The clients know they will catch plenty of King Salmon to take home and share with family and friends. While enjoying that delicious meal they get to share the story of that epic King of a lifetime and know it has continued its journey home to the steam where it was born to complete its cycle of life and spawn more salmon superior King Salmon for future generations ahead. Releasing these beautiful and most precious 5–8-year-old Alaksa King Salmon is a life changing experience and places those anglers in an elite status that many Alaska Fishing Anglers dream about!