We take pride to teach our clients the technique of mooching when fishing for Salmon! This technique is very easy to learn and  gives you a hands on approach while in pursuit of that Trophy King Salmon of a lifetime. While working the rod and reel, you will feel the bite, set the hook then experience the power and speed of the chrome bright Salmon! It is not uncommon to have multiple fish on at one time providing fast paced action for everyone on the boat. Using this technique gives you that great Alaskan fishing experience!


We also have the option to troll if you prefer to sit back and take in the sights of what Craig Alaska has to offer! The boats are equipped with Scotty Downriggers and this can give a big advantage over other charter companies that choose to only mooch.  On the rare occasion if fishing slows or the weather becomes undesirable we are able to put the downriggers down and cover vast areas to find the fish. Once hooked up on the trolling rods the other clients can work their way up to the bow and deploy a rigged mooching rod. Using this technique is very exciting and usually rewards us with  double or triple hook ups! Find one salmon trolling and you usually found more and get exactly what you need to get the job done during a slower time of fishing! We fish smart and effective to ensure you the best Alaskan fishing experience possible.


Halibut fishing

Our halibut fishing is usually done in 200-350 feet of water. Our equipment is the best with super light G-Loomis Rods and two speed Avet Reels. These Avet Reels are awesome with a lot of cranking power so you do not have to get a big work out while you fight that barn door halibut.  Another great tool we have is our rod holder design for Halibut fishing.  You have the choice to leave the rod right in the holder and put the Avet in low gear and crank that halibut right on up! It’s a great way to fight a halibut and have great success.  If you want that experience of the big fight then we welcome you to grab that rod and go to work.

There are some cases where we can fish shallow water for halibut with our Salmon rods which is always a treat and lots of fun and we have great success doing it at certain times!

*If you have preference of trolling vs. mooching or vice versa please let us know in advance of your trip. It is your vacation and we will fish the way you prefer to fish otherwise we do what is most productive during that time!