Why everyone should experience a Southeast Alaska Fishing Vacation in the forested Islands of the World-Renowned Tongass National Forest!

The Tongass National Forest is the largest forest in Alaska and the United States. The United States Forest Service considers the Tongass to be the “Crown Jewel,” over all other National Forests. Spanning nearly 17 million acres and covering over 500 miles, the Tongass makes up most of the Southeast panhandle area of Alaska.

The Tongass National Forest is rich in Native Culture with three Alaska Native nations who call the Tongass home. The Haida, Tlingit, and Tsimshian. Some of the most recognizable communities in the Tongass are Juneau which is the most populated and is Alaska’s State Capitol; Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, and Craig Alaska which is located on Prince of Wales Island. These communities and many others are the gateway into the Tongass and provide unlimited beauty and are unique in their own way with different things to experience.

The Majority of the Tongass National Forest is a pristine temperate rain forest which creates an amazing ecosystem for several animal species to live and thrive. There are 19 designated wilderness areas within the Tongass, more than any other National Forest in the United States. The wilderness areas cover over 5.75 million acres of territory and have a thriving wildlife population.

This unique temperate rain forest is home to one of the largest brown and black bear populations in the world who feed on the 5 Pacific Salmon species and Steelhead trout who enter their native pristine streams. The Tongass is also home to the largest bald eagle population in the world. Other animals include mountain goats, Sitka black tail deer, wolves, and many species of Sea birds like the famous Puffin with the big orange beak. These birds are amazing to see in person while on your Alaska fishing vacation. The waters around the Tongass’s hundreds of islands are home to Humpback and Orca whales, Sea Lions, and other marine mammals which you will also see daily on your Alaska fishing vacation.

Craig, Alaska is located on Prince of Wales Island just 56 miles northwest of Ketchikan, Alaska is an amazing place to spend your Alaska fishing vacation. The true beauty of this area will inspire you! The islands have the most amazing scenic landscapes to view and experience on your Alaska fishing vacation. The Humpback and Orca populations are most abundant, and you will view them only yards away from the boat, while on your Alaska fishing vacation. Experience the blacktail deer walking the shorelines feeding on the rich kelp that washes ashore and view black bears feeding on the salmon waiting to enter the creeks on the many islands.

The residents of Craig are true Alaskans who are passionate about the pristine ecosystem on Prince of Wales Island created by the Tongass National Forest. They are very proud to call Craig, Alaska their home. This is why you and your family should choose to visit and experience fishing in and around the Tongass National Forest. It is truly amazing and offers the best authentic world-class Alaska fishing vacation you will ever experience!

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Derek Anderson